Advertising and Sponsorship

Advertising and Sponsorship

As per §2 of our constitution the AWCH exclusively and directly pursues social and charitable purposes. The purpose of the club is the promotion of international understanding, welfare care, the support of people in need and education. We can procure funds for the realization of charitable purposes by other tax-privileged bodies and bodies governed by public law. We’re happy to support lectures,
congresses, exhibitions, information stands and publications. We support American and International citizens living in the Greater Hamburg area and promoting cultural exchanges between Americans, Germans and other nationals. 

The club is a nonprofit organization and must maintain this status accordingly. Therefore support of above mentioned purposes will be checked and approved by the current Board of Officers.

For advertising and sponsorships we prefer partners the club can associate with – either in pursuing social and charitable purposes as we do or in closely benefiting the members of the AWCH. We prefer co-operations or sponsorships to help execute and drive the club goals.

Advertising and sponsorship requests need to include a reasonable suggestion on what the club, its causes or members will receive in return. The money will be used to fund the realization of charitable purposes by other tax-privileged corporations and bodies of public law and/ or education of the clubs’ members and/ or associates. The following options are currently available:

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Advertising for members only: