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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Club History

Club History

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A Bit About Our Club

In 2016 the American Women's Club of Hamburg e.V. (AWCH) celebrated our 60th anniversary. Over the course of years, the club has consistently adapted to the members, regularly offering new exciting opportunities to be involved. We currently support more than 120 members as they participate in further education, activities in…

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Club Timeline

1931 Original founding of Hamburg AWC.

1935 First mention of having joined FAWCO.

1938 Hosted the eighth FAWCO Conference

1939 Club disbanded when all Americans were sent home due to the war.

1956 Founded as the American Women's Luncheon Club (this is considered to be the official date of founding. No bulletin or newsletter, only a mailed announcement…

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American Women's Club of Hamburg: It All Started in 1950

Originally published in Currents April/May 2006

It all started in 1950 when I arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany as a member of a Red Cross group that was coming to Occupied Germany... It ended with my spending 20 years of my life in Germany and loving every minute of it. I was assigned to Bremen, Germany, which was occupied by the American forces and it was there that I met my husband who was in the shipping industry...

Life in Bremen was fun and interesting because it was all new... It was easy to be content and have friends then because we were a small community living in this occupied territory. This all changed for me in 1952 when I moved to Hamburg with my husband and daughter...…

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