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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Appreciation Brunch

 Every time we receive a club email or copy of Currents, attend a club activity, or visit the new club website, we are benefitting from the efforts of someone who has taken time out of their busy life to contribute to our group. Our club is full of talent, kindness, and generosity.
 It is so easy to sit back passively, taking things for granted. It is far too easy to become so absorbed in our busy lives, that we overlook the efforts of others, even when those efforts are pointing in our direction. And it is much easier to criticize, than it is to help and encourage. This is true of our roles in the world, but sadly it is even truer closer to home, in our families, friendships, and club.
 Many times I have read an article in Currents and smiled, but I am sorry to say I didn’t take two minutes out of my day to say thank you to that person for writing it. William Arthur Ward once said “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” Saying thank you only takes a moment, but it can be a powerful contribution.
 The Appreciation Brunch was a time to express gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the club over the last year. It was a garden party at the beautiful home of Lori Dove. The weather was perfect, the sound of Lori’s trickling waterfall as backgroundmusic was relaxing, and the buffet prepared by our board members, including quiche, croissants, salads, and some sinful desserts, was heaven. But best of all, it was a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with a group of very special ladies. I enjoyed every moment. Thank you to everyone involved.

originally published in Currents Aug/Sep 2008

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