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Handing out Hearts

On a bleary, cold day in September, Frauke Rademacher-Heidemann, Beth Graß and her mother Patricia, my daughter Emily, and I made the trip to Lüneburg to the Brustkrebszentrum to present the heart pillows the stitching group had made for the FAWCO Heart Pillow Project. We had an early morning meeting with Dr. Harms, who was also representing Professor Dr. Dall who had an urgent surgery that morning and could not attend, and a nurse of the ward. Professor Dr. Dall had previously stated his support and pleasure with the project and was happy we were able to donate the pillows to the hospital. We mentioned to both Dr. Harms and the nurse the purpose behind the pillows and basic care instructions. After the presentation Beth, Patricia, Emily, and I ventured out to explore all of Lüneburg’s charms. Here’s to the wonderful work of the stitching group. I can only hope we can present such pillows again very soon!

originally published in Currents Dec 2008/Jan 2009

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