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Film Screening

Marinell Haegelin showed her documentary film, A Little from Left of Right, to a small group in Abaton cinema on October 24. Her film’s premise that medical cannabis should be legalized nationally in the US, instead of the present 13 states, shows statistics that it effectively eases the pain and symptoms of many illnesses, and is not addictive. The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes goes back to 200 B.C. Several important witnesses, including Californian doctors, politicians and an investigative journalist, outline the complex history on camera.

Afterwards we proceeded to the Abaton Bistro and for three hours discussed the film, including topic, title, and work involved making the film. When looking for a worthy non-profit organization in San Francisco to donate her old Mac computer, the first reply came from a medical cannabis (marijuana) cooperative where people medicated socially in a club room. Marinell was surprised to discover the head of the cooperative was a woman whom she had often met, albeit in a different venue. Marinell has submitted the film to many festivals, it’s shown at a few, and now she is looking in to self-distributing opportunities. Because of D.E.A. pressure, the dispensary featured in the film closed February 2008.

Marinell has been a club member since 1986, with a break to live in San Francisco, 1998 - 2007, where she graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in Motion Pictures & TV from the Academy of Arts University. She returned to Hamburg permanently the end of 2007 and is once again sharing her multiple talents with the club.

originally published in Currents Dec 2008/Jan 2009

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