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American Women's Club of Hamburg

An Evening at the Ballet

On January 25 a group of AWC club members enjoyed Hamburg ballet A Cinderella Story by American choreographer John Neumeier. Fifteen of us took advenage of special prices (subsidized by the club) for excellent seats. After 30 years in Hamburg, Neumeier is wildly successful, winning prizes and filling the house each season. He choreographed this Cinderella with music by Sergei Proofiev in 1992. He said that he preferred the Grimm Brothers‘ version of mourning and maturing. There were 15 different impressions in our group, but all were enthsiastic. My greatest impressions were of the death of Cinderella‘s mother, the colors red and black, a fantastic step mother who manipulates her husband and throws herself at the king, and a spoiled prince who nixes all damsels and seems to grow up himself in the end.

Prior to the show we had dinner at Casse Croute. Afterwards Many people went for a late-night jazz evening at Nancy Tilitz‘s Dammtor gallery or for coffee in the Mariott Hotel.

A Cinderella Story will return on June 7, 12, 13, and July 10. Watch Currents for new, upcoming, club-subsidized cultural events.

originally published in Currents Apr/May 2008

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