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Hazarwadi Open Well in India

AWCH is very proud to announce that our nomination won the FAWCO Foundation Development Grant of $4500 in the category Environment for the project Hazarwadi Open Well in Maharashtra, India. We are supporting the Integrated Tribal Watershed Development Programme that has successfully used watershed development ("catching the rain") in desertified areas of Maharashtra, India to restore the environment, to replenish the groundwater that can feed open wells, and to improve the lives of the tribal inhabitants, the poorest people in the lowest part of Indian society. This grant will completely finance the construction of an open well in a rural hamlet of 14 tribal families who have insufficient access to water. The concrete-lined well (23x23 feet, depth 35 feet, with a pump and pipeline) will provide an adequate water supply throughout the year and allow irrigation of a second crop sold for income.

Better health, better nutrition, and a sustainable livelihood that stops migration for work, and access to education will be the final reward.

India Open Well

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