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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Style Workshop! - Joint event with IWC on March 26

The AWCH has been invited to join the International Women's Club and the Anglo-German Women's Association for a special style workshop!
In this workshop Maren Lichtenberg will discuss powerful concepts to uplift your beauty and how to mask some of your weaker points. She will cover the seven basic principles in order to create your personal style, also with practical examples, such as:
  • colours
  • figure & supportive dress designs
  • material of the clothes
  • fabric patterns of the clothes
  • hairstyle 
  • make-up and accessories (e.g. jewelry, glasses, belts)   
There is not one right way,  because we are all so unique and wonderful, but once these seven aspects are taken into consideration individually, we can boost our appearance and self confidence and enjoy life more.
Cost is a mere 5EUR, including coffee break. For details about time, place, and RSVP info, please check your AWCH evites and newsletter! 

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