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American Women's Club of Hamburg

September 6: US Tax Workshop!

Do you have questions about US income taxes as an ex-pat? Looking for help with your US tax return? Maybe you have years of un-filed tax returns? Baffled by the forms? Not sure what you should do?  

The IRS has been cracking down on U.S. citizens living overseas and many of the recent changes to tax and banking laws are confusing and scary.

Here is your chance to get answers from the experts!  Mr. Jim Sexton from the Esquire Group, an international tax and accounting services firm, will be coming to speak to us. 

The basic topics covered are:

  • Filing requirements
  • Foreign earned income exclusion
  • Foreign housing exclusion/deduction
  • Foreign tax credit
  • FBAR
  • Getting in compliance in the event you aren’t.

The actually presentation given without interruption is about 45 minutes but generally people are encouraged to ask questions as it goes along so it usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Mr. Sexton is in the process of updating some of the information because there have been some significant IRS rule changes since June.

Cost: Free. Feel free to bring a friend or anyone who might benefit from this info. AWCH will provide coffee and water, but if you would like to bring an appetizer, dessert, or bottle of wine to share, that would be lovely.  

We look forward to seeing you!  

For more info or questions, see your evite or contact: Shawn Klug at pres@awchamburg.org

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