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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Call from the Nominating Committee


Call from the Nominating Committee

Want to be part of a fun team, get to know interesting people, learn about Hamburg and what it offers, and be a help to your club? 

Several board positions are now open and will be elected at the AGM in January.  Please contact the Nominating Committee (Carol B., Brooke V. and Petra R.) as soon as possible with your suggestions and intentions. We’re actively looking for PRESIDENT, TREASURER and ACTIVITIES CHAIR. 

Please email the Nominating Committee at communication@awchamburg.org by September 30th, 2017.

The job descriptions for board positions are available for download on our website:
https://www.awchamburg.org/club-info/official-club-docs/343-board-position-job-descriptions.html (please log in to the website to access these)


You think a board position is not the right thing for you at the moment? We also need help in these other fields:

Hamburger Helpers organiser, Social Media assistant, Moms and Bumps organiser, helping hands for upcoming events (such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday Party), event organizers for single events and After Work Drinks.

Please let us know you are able to help!

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