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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Catching the Rain for a Better Future

Our virtual Awareness Evening on October 26 was a great success! 

The evening aimed to give our members an update of our projects with the Nandavan Trust, headed by Robert d’Costa, in Maharashtra, India. The trust uses watershed projects (“catching the rain”) for the ecological, economic and social transformation of desertified areas outside of Mumbai—and thereby allows tribal families to remain and thrive in their homelands. The AWCH has given support to this organization since 2010 and in the last three years, our nominations of Nandanvan for FAWCO Development Grants have been awarded, helping Nandanvan build an open well, a kindergarten building, and to plant 1500 trees in regreened areas.

On the evening we heard Ulrike H.’s first-hand account of her travels to the area, saw pictures of the various projects we have supported, and viewed the latest videos of the village of Hazarwadi, where our support has made the largest impact.  Through donations and a raffle, we were able to raise € 660 for needed supplies for the newly built kindergarten that was finished this spring.  Evenings like this bring these far-away projects a little closer to home.

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