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American Women's Club of Hamburg

How Can We Help?

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A humanitarian tragedy is unfolding at our doorstep. As with any crisis, women, children, marginalized communities, and the poor will be those most affected. Hamburg has opened its doors to many Ukrainians fleeing destruction and fear in their own country.  

 What can we do to help? 

Hamburg has many charities and institutions that are working together to house and provide necessities. A good overview can be found here. https://www.freiwillig.hamburg/ukraine-hilfe.html

 Our local charity, Hanseatic Help e.V., has taken the lead in distribution of clothes here in Hamburg but also food and other humanitarian goods directly to Ukraine.  They are currently accepting donations for the following items:

  • Thick wood and fleece blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • New (!) hygiene articles (diapers, menstruation products)
  • New (!) underwear
  • Bandages
  • Dry food products with long shelf-life (pasta, rice, legumes, energy bars)
  • Baby food and powdered milk
  • Powerbanks, batteries, flashlights

Items can be brought directly to their headquarters or, for those living in the north, can be brought to Carol H. in Eppendorf (contact pres@awchamburg.org), or contact our Hanseatic Help charity team (hanseatichelp@awchamburg.org).  Individual helpers (no groups) are needed at their headquarters everyday to help sort.  visit https://www.hanseatic-help.org.

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