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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Frost / Nixon

Starts February 5

The 1977 exclusive set of interviews with former US President Richard M. Nixon, and British talk show host, David Frost, is recreated by acclaimed filmmaker Ron Howard and screenwriter Pete Morgan in Frost/Nixon. Howard’s creative 1970’s feature-documentary captivates a multi-generational audience because the historical account fascinates the soul in search of truth, justice and liberty.

In 1974, President Richard M. Nixon (Frank Languella) was forced to resign the office of President of the United States in connection with the Watergate scandal. Millions of people were outraged when President Gerald Ford granted Nixon a pardon enabling Nixon to avoid an official trial for his involvement in a cover-up. Three years later British talk show host, David Frost (Michael Sheen) lands an all-exclusive interview with the former US President to talk about his legacy. Nixon banks on his experience and intelligence to endear the American people. Frost wants a confession but refuses to get it at all cost. The extraordinary events during the twelve interviews are what influence each man to cling to his own ideals.

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