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American Women's Club of Hamburg

The Bone Man (Der Knochenmann)

Starts February 19

Director Wolfgang Murnberger serves up a hot sizzling thriller based on the book ny Wolf Haas.  This Austrian film cuts straight to the bone with its black sense of humor. From a unique perspective comes the ex-police investigator Brenner (Josef Hader) whose current job makes him even more despised: a repro man for cars.

While trying to recover a car for a friend’s leasing company, Brenner discovers a local hotel and grill joint with a few too many layers of skin. A missing man, a distant waitress, as well as sleepless night due to grinding and milling meat machines of night just happen to send Brenner over the edge. Brenner enjoys the hospitality of the locals but realizes that hotel proprietor has his hands full with his son who wants to take over the business, his son’s wife who has her eyes on Brenner and a Russian prostitute who wants a new life.  Despite the graphic grisly scenes and the heavy Austrian dialect, this film is hysterically funny. Not recommended for vegetarians!

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