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Starts February 5

Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award recipient John Patrick Stanley has rewritten and directed his successful play Doubt for the cinema. Innocent until proven guilty is the legal code in the case of a suspected crime. Stanley transports this code of justice to St Nicholas Catholic School and questions the means by which one unveils truth. His gripping narrative of truth-telling in a world where moral conviction matters sets the stage for a personal battle ground that stems from the devastation of past sins.

Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Sister Aloysius Beavier (Meryl Streep) are colleagues at St Nicholas Catholic School in the Bronx during the ‘60s. Father Flynn’s relational style of teaching is contrary to that of Sister Beavier’s approach. She is a purist and strict disciplinarian. The personal conflict exacerbates when Sister James (Amy Adams) confides in her superior, Sister Beavier, about Father Flynn’s supposedly inappropriate actions toward the new boy at the school.

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