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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Last Chance Harvey (Liebe auf den Zweiten Blick)

Starts April 16

Harvey Shine (Dustin Hoffman) composes the music (or "jingles") for TV commercials.  His boss thinks Harvey's work is outdated and is glad to get rid of him when Harvey's daughter Susan (Liane Balaban) has her wedding in London. Because her dithering father hasn't been a real part of her life, Susan tells Harvey that she wants her stepfather (James Brolin) to give her away at the wedding. The wedding is then so embarrassing for Harvey (and he is so worried about his job) that he skips out before the reception. He misses the flight to NewYork, but strikes up a conversation with airport worker Kate (Emma Thompson) and something clicks. Kate is a woman who has become resolved to being single and has a too close relationship with her phobic but good mother (Eileen Atkins). Anyway, Harvey and Kate talk so honestly with each other that they are soon soul mates and Kate talks Harvey into returning to the wedding reception (with her!). There he actually redeems himself by giving a heartwarming father-of-the-bride toast.

This romantic comedy is a pleasure to watch but most of the pleasure comes from Emma Thompson's superb acting.  She's a natural.

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