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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Les Grandes Personnes (Adults, Wir sind alle erwachsen)

Start May 7


Looking for a light-hearted French film with the action in the Swedish countryside? This is for you. Albert (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) is the pedantic divorced father of teenaged Jeanne (Anais Demoustier). For her, he regularly plans detailed vacations in all parts of Europe, but this time all best-laid plans fall apart and they end up sharing their summer house with two young women: Annika and Christine – people whom they would normally never meet. As they become better acquainted we learn that Albert is looking for Viking artefacts on the west coast of Sweden; Jeanne meets her a potential first boy friend (much to the horror of her protective father); Christine faces reality and begins a new project; and Annika resumes an unfinished relationship with Per. The characters, age 15 to 55, evolve from childish ways to “adulthood” and become better people. This is a first feature film for 28-year-old director Anna Novion, who grew up in France with a French father and a Swedish mother. The story could be a small slice of her life. The Swedish countryside is gorgeous and true blonds still lie on the beaches.

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