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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Die Schimmelreiter

Start May 21

Fuchs (Peter Jordan), a perpetually optimistic 1960’s mimic, works as a government Imbiss inspector in northern Germany and dreams of living in sophisticated Hamburg. With this goal in mind, he agrees to accommodate his boss Herr Koch (Bjarne Mädel) by taking in his brother Tilmann (Axel Prahl) as a house guest. Unbeknownst to Fuchs, Tilmann is a depressed alcoholic who is as chaotic and sour as Fuchs is organized and amiable. Tilmann subsequently replaces Fuchs’ colleague Beate (Katharina Wackernagel), whom Fuchs fancies. Circumstances change and absolutes shift with ensuing flabbergasting developments. This nicely executed quirky film from director Lars Jessen, who also shares writing credit with Ingo Haeb, invites us to relish these incompatible ingredients, how they are blended, and the conversely tasty outcome.

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