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Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht

Starts August 6

Jan (Christian Ulmen) wants to marry German-Italian Sara (Mina Tander). They just want a simple wedding, no church, no big celebration. But this is not possible for Sara, having been born to an Italian father for whom it is absolutely clear that his only daughter will get married in a (Catholic!) church in Italy with ALL of the family! Antonio (Lino Banfi) came in 1965 as a Gastarbeiter to Germany and married German Ursula (Maren Kroymann). He is still a macho at heart, but controlled by her. Jan’s parents, portrayed as “typical” German, try to cope. So everybody travels to Campobello, a very small Italian mountain-village in southern Italy, to prepare and celebrate the wedding. Jan, confronted with Italian temperament, foreign food, lots of bureaucracy and many other difficulties, is close to fleeing Italy and Sara!

A great movie like a comedy should be both funny and have a serious story (actually several) in the background. The actors are all well known (Lino is one of the most famous actors in Italy who actually doesn’t speak a word of German!) and do a great job! Based on Jan Weiler’s book by the same title, this is a must-see!

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