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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Wickie und die starken Männer

Starts September 9

Wickie comes to life after years of being a favorite comic series which started in 1974.  Wickie (Jonas Hämmerle) shows the rest of the Vikings clan that there is more to life than pillaging and plundering other clans. Wickie realizes that he is different from the others and is lucky that he has a proud mother who defends him at every moment. But, as a boy, he needs to prove himself to his father Halvar (Waldemar Korbus) who is the Klan‘s leader. Instead of strength, he uses his brilliant ideas to defeat his father in a competition which gains him respect of the others. For those of you who grew up with Wickie, there may have always been the question lurking in your mind: was Wickie a girl or a boy?

Director Michael Bully Herbig said that they found conclusive evidence that Wickie was indeed a boy when he was waterskiing naked in one of the 1970’s comic series and that’s why Jonas Hämmerle got the job and found himself being adored by YLVI (Jadea Mercedes Diaz) the most patient little girl in the village. The film is clever, funny, and will be enjoyed by all and, for those collectors, Bully can now be found in an Überraschungsei along with eleven other “Starken Männer.”

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