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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Les Plages d'Agnés (The Beaches of Agnés, Die Strände von Agnés)

Starts September 10

This award-winning documentary, an artistic gift from the renowned artistic director Agnes Varda, presents us with a special gift; an autobiographical documentary done in an artistic way. Agnés Varda now 80 years of age states, “If you opened people up, you would find landscapes. If you opened me up, you would find beaches.” It is clear that Varda has studied art history since this artistic and abstract film is a collage of beaches and water ways where we drift through her life and at the same time see her love of searching, collecting and rummaging objects and images which has enabled her to produce her life’s work.

This is a rare opportunity to see the inside view of the artist at work and understand the thought process she was going through while she produces her artwork. It is a wonderful documentary but it is very French so you need the patience to wade through all the abstract information which is floating around to collect the essence of Agnés Varda’s life.

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