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American Women's Club of Hamburg

G-Force (Agent mit Biss)


Starts October 15

Here comes a 3-D film which has become the new trend in order to stop pirating of films.

Walt Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer successfully fling flying fuzzy guinea pigs into the air while moles become computer wizards diving deep into the networks.  The animals believe that they are genetically changed which gives them superhero skills which can be used to save the world. Naturally, since the government needs to justify its expenditure, it decides to shut the lad down. The animals escape to a pet store and realize that the world is in trouble. Sadly the film is stuck with the simple conservative plot of good versus evil. There is nothing new or surprising in this film and is clearly made for kids between eight and twelve years old who enjoys techno video games and stuffed animals. Most parents will suffer through this ridiculous film, so I would suggest to let a teenage take the group of kids in and the parents can go and enjoy some other film.

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