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Pandora’s Box (Pandora’nin Kutusu)

Starts November 26

Mother (Tsilla Chelton) has disappeared. Her three grown children, two sisters and one brother, are in alarm. Hurriedly they leave Istanbul travelling by car to the mountain village. Tension builds up among them as they have to deal with this uncertain family situation. After mother is found deep in the woods, the doctor confirms the diagnosis of Alzheimer. She will not be able to cope on her own but needs help. The family takes the bewildered old woman back to the big and noisy city where nobody has time to look after her. Güsin (Övül Avkiran) leads a busy professional life as a journalist but feels neglected by her mucho lover. Nesrin (Derya Alabora) has little interest in her husband and only worries about her son Murat (Onur Unsal). Their brother Mehmet (Osamn Sonant) is a hopeless dropout, lazing his days away. Being faced with the responsibility for the welfare of their mother highlights the isolation of each family member. Young Murat, (Onur Unsal), estranged from his over-protective mother and his non-committal father, is the only one building up an understanding relationship with his grandmother. He respects her wish for freedom and dignity.

The Turkish director Yesim Ustaoglu tells the story of a middle-class family in Istanbul but it is also a universal situation that all of us could identify with. It shows the inability to stay in touch with the young generation and at the same time to accept the needs of the old in a demanding modern world where materialism has taken a strong hold. It is a touching film told with humour and without any sentimentality, thanks to the well-chosen cast. For her excellent portrayal of the grandmother the 90-year-old Tsilla Chelton received the prestigious “Best Actress” award at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain.

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