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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Berlinale Young Journalists

Charlotte Schilling and Ntozake Iglesas were selected to be a part of the Junge Journalisten for the Berlinale. Thirty-six teenagers were selected from hundreds of applications. Each year at the festival there is a brochure where children attending the films can apply to be a journalist or to be on the Jury. It has been quite a successful program since this venue continues to grow. Both journalists can speak English and German. They write for the Tagesspiegel and for TV. They also were invited to a film festival in Italy in the summer. They have to do a lot of prep work. They have to write the texts in the booklets and the description of the DVDs. T. Ntozake Iglesas is a first timer while it is Charlotte Schilling’s fourth time and she plans to sign up again for next year. They have enjoyed the films but did say that some of the films are too violent.

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