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Film review: The Shock Doctrine


This is based on Naomi Klein’s very striking book of the same name, in which she explains the radical theories of Milton Friedman (former professor at the University of Chicago). His theories were implemented in many regimes and showed the rise of disaster capitalism. This unfinished documentary film seemed timely as we look for answers during this worldwide recession. The book covers events in Chile 1973 and continues to Iraq 2003. Winterbottom and Whitecross took on the challenge of searching through archival material and compiling it interspersed with interviews of various people including Naomi Klein lecturing on her philosophy which is the basis of her book. Although the subject matter is compelling and could stand on its own, the documentary is cumbersome and straightforward. The directors must have too much on their plates because this could be a really great film but it lacks something new and inventive. Naomi Klein writes for the Nation and the Guardian that is syndicated internationally by the NYTimes. She has won awards for her reporting in Iraq and she also help co-produce a film called The Take a documentary about Argentina’s occupied factories.

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