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American Women's Club of Hamburg

New York, I Love You

Starts January 28

A taxi driver in one scene says, "New York is the capital of everything possible."  New York, I Love You is second in the film series "Cities of Love" (its predecessor was Paris, Je t'aime).  Ten filmmakers - including Fatih Akin and Mira Nair - contribute short episodes that fit together like a glove as a fictional documentary filmmaker travels through New York with her video camera linking the people we see in these episodes (well-known actors such as Ethan Hawke, John Hurt, etc.).  We see how the city touches them and how they touch the city.

We see an aging artist fascinated by a young woman in Chinatown, a black man mistaken for his little daughter's nanny (this story ends with a beautiful dance scene), an Indian who works in the Diamond District and his quiet relationship with an orthodox Jewish gem dealer.  We see how everything truly is possible in New York!  The scenes take us from the Upper West Side all the way to Brighton Beach and leave us wanting more.  More will come in 2010 when producer Emannuel Benbihy plans projects in Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai.

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