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Starts January 21

Tadas and his wife Vita don’t have much to say to each other. One afternoon Tadas happens to meet an old friend Linas and they agree to see each other later that evening. Tadas takes the car, leaving his wife behind without a word, to pick up Linas and together they begin a road trip to nowhere. On a dark stretch of road, Linas suggests they hold their breath, close their eyes and turn the headlights off until they breathe again. Tadas reluctantly agrees and the exercise becomes a part of their night excursion. They drive in circles through the city, stopping for two liters of gas and coffee now and then.

Vita dresses up and goes to a gas station where she smokes. She is picked up by some young punks in a fancy car. After toying with them, she drives off with the car. Many kilometres later, Vita happens to meet Tadas and Linas and agrees to go riding with them. Linas doesn’t realize Tadas and Vita even know each other and he flirts openly with Vita. After more aimless driving, Tadas and Linas end up with the fancy car after Vita drives off without them. Everyone decides to drive with eyes closed and headlights off resulting in a crash where no one is hurt but the fancy car is wrecked. Advertised as an urban road movie, erotic story and buddy film, this German, Lithuanian production directed by Ignas Miskinis is just a dead end. Showed at the Filmfest Hamburg.

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