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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Our Ocean (Unsere Ozeane)


Starts February 25

What is the definition of an ocean? Where does it begin and where does it end? This film by Jacques Perin and Jacques Cluzaud dives into the deep and investigates the various meanings and nuances that are associated with the word “ocean.” Since there is very little dialog in this film, the directors have allowed the ocean to speak for itself. The cinematography that covers varies locations across the globe with incredible and wondrous images also combines art, form and mysteriousness and a touch of humor which flows from the screen and sinks into the audience’s memory. This film is not only for those of us who are nature lovers and explorers, but also those of us who would like to save our planet from the destruction and constant abuse of mankind. In this film, the ocean is trying to say something to us and it is time that we heard the outcry from its crashing waves and see the ocean with different eyes.The photography and music are so distinctive and beautiful that there is a book and CD available to buy as well.

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