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The Bounty Hunter (Der Aukions-Cop)

Starts April 1

The lately not very successful bounty hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) has just gotten hold of his personal dream job: He has to bring his ex-wife to prison! His former wife, Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston), who is a reporter, did not appear in court on time because she is working on to a hot story. First Milo believes that this mission means easy money for him, but as Nicole escapes from him again and again, he notes that there appears to be nothing that is ever smooth in their relationship. Nicole wants to shake off her ex by all means, since she is investigating a murder case, and even pursued the trail of a suspect. The quarreling couple tries now to outsmart each other by all means - until suddenly the two must work together and run for their own lives.

That is the story as it is told in the previews. I think it is mainly about Milo and Nicole who once believed to honor their promise to always love and obey each other until death do them part, but they came to hate each other over the course of time. But being in this life-threatening chase together they rediscovered their love again. So this is not only a very funny action-comedy but definitely a chic-flic! Gerard Butler (The Naked Truth) and Jennifer Aniston (The Break-Up) make the perfect (dream) pair. It is directed by Andy Tennant (Hitch - Der Date Doctor, Sweet Home Alabama).

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