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The Back-Up Plan (Plan B für die Liebe)

Starts May 13

Life can be so topsy-turvy. Here you are, alarm bells ringing as your biological clock is ticking; you’re making a very important – albeit extremely selfish – decision, and along comes Mr Right at precisely the wrong time.

Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) has given up a successful career in the corporate world to buy a pet store. Her dog, Nuts, can only get about by means of a wheelchair but Zoe realizes that looking after him has made her broody. As there’s no man in her life and no male friend prepared to lend a helping hand, so to speak, DIY is the way to go. An anonymous sperm donor via a fertility clinic is her means to happiness and fulfilment. Stepping out of the fertility clinic and into the taxi Zoe meets the man of her dreams. Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) steps into her taxi at the same time: words are spoken, eye contact is made and a significant moment takes place. Stan gives up the taxi, but we know they’ll be meeting again somewhere soon.

Not long afterwards, while shopping in a local Farmer’s Market with her friend Mona (Michaela Watkins), and with an extra large shoulder bag carefully covering that famous extra large bottom, Zoe meets Stan again. (Is there any truth in the story that cameramen are instructed to photograph Ms. Lopez from the waist up, wherever possible? The thought always distracts when watching her movies.) Stan is selling goat cheese which he makes on the farm he inherited when his parents retired. He plans to open a food store selling locally sourced products from within a 30-mile radius and if it’s going to be next to a certain pet shop, well that’s what happens in the movies. So Stan falls for Zoe and Zoe falls for Stan and Zoe wonders when to tell Stan about her pregnancy. How will Stan react to the news? Well, this is a romantic comedy so things will turn out fine after a few hiccups along the way.

Alan Poul is an award-winning television director and The Back-up Plan is his first attempt at directing a movie. He is helped by the screenwriter Kate Angelo, who also has a long and distinguished career in television. This is also her first film screenplay. Together they have made a light-hearted movie which is the perfect vehicle for Ms. Lopez’s talents.

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