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Knight and Day

Starts July 22

Knight and Day is the newest action comedy film starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  Secret Agent Roy Miller (Cruise) meets auto restorer June Havens (Diaz) while looking for a person to unknowingly transport a highly sought after, self-powering battery that could power a small city through airport security. This movie was action packed, and June barely had time to figure out who the bad guys were while dodging bullets and taking cover to save her life. 

What I loved about the movie was that I could see the natural progression of the main characters developing – June starts out squeamish around guns but over time becomes more and more relaxed in frightening situations, all while the tension between Roy and June builds. What looks like a chance encounter between Roy and June, ends up with June working as a quasi-agent on a mission in order to save this little key to a source of immense power from the “bad guys” and a rogue agent. This film is first time Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have starred together on-screen since Vanilla Sky (2001), and this may be their best film together, and Cameron Diaz’s best film ever.



The sexy action-comedy, Knight and Day, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is sure to be a mega summer hit. Cruise plays Roy Miller, a highly trained and lethal operative framed rouge and Diaz, as June Havens, is the women with whom Miller’s path happen to cross, travel across the world to protect an innocent, save Cruise’s reputation, and clear Diaz’s name. Amongst the witty dialog, gorgeous landscapes and skillful action scenes, the real question is who to trust and learning that ultimately they can only trust each other. It is truly a refreshing film in that Diaz is both beautiful and strong, both victim and heroine. Tom Cruise returns to the role in which he excels: that of an extremely capable, sexy, comedic action role.  Twenty Century Fox should win big with this sexy and action-packed summer hit. This is a film that all will enjoy.

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