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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Das Letzte Schweigen (The Last Silence)

Starts 19 August

Das Letzte Schweigen is a thriller with a cast of good and well-known actors including Katrin Sass (Good Bye Lenin!), Burghart Klaußner (Das Weiße Band) and other familiar faces from German movies and TV. Sinikka, a thirteen-year old girl in a small town, goes missing and the clues are identical to those of the unsolved murder of Pia in the same exact place 23 years ago - Sinikka's bike and a bloody rock are found close to a country lane. Retired detective Mittich (Klaußner) becomes obsessed with the case and finds solace in the company of Pia's mother (Sass). 
The present investigation is being led by David (Sebastian Blomberg) who happens to be falling to pieces because his young wife has just recently died. So, along with Timo - a pedophilia "voyeur" who was present when his friend Peer murdered Pia in 1986, we have a lot of brooding characters living lives of quiet desperation while keeping track of the progress of the investigation. The only non-brooder in the film is David's partner - a young pregnant policewoman - who unbelievably goes alone to interview a possible murder suspect in his apartment!
I found the development of the investigation somewhat illogical and so, although the actors were first-rate and the camera work throughout more like paintings (e.g. the wheat fields) than photography, I still prefer Tatort which is quicker and more to the point. And being a mother, I just don't enjoy watching any film including pedophiles.

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