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Happily Ever Afters

Went straight to DVD

Happily Ever Afters is an Irish wedding comedy. To be specific, it's about a double-booked wedding reception at a hotel outside Dublin.  Maura (Sally Hawkins) has agreed to marry African immigrant Wilson (Ariyon Bakere) for money to keep from being evicted. He is paying up in order to stay in the country legally. Two weird immigration detectives hide among the guests to figure out whether the marriage is an honest one or not. Neurotic Freddie (Tom Riley) has remarried Sophie (Jade Yourell) who has a dominating mother and then actually runs off during the reception.  The film is chock full of slapstick gags and the only sane character is Maura's young daughter Molly (Sinead Maguire).  At the end of all the shenanigans Maura and Freddie realize that they both belong together! Sally Hawkins' talent (Vera Drake, Happy Go Lucky) is so totally wasted in this role.

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