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Thumbs up for the Kids’ Generation Section

After several years of attending this film festival, the one category that guarantees fantastic films is the Generation section for children. Every year Maryanne Redpath and her crew travel worldwide in search of interesting films. These films are thought- provoking tools which help children to develop their palettes for culture, political and ethical ideas as well as to broaden their horizons. This program, once small, has expanded into a real scene. There is a children’s jury which decides the best films as well as children journalists who write about the films. Directors and cast give their experiences in filmmaking and actors explain what it is like to be in a film. Q & A sessions are always interesting because the audience have the opportunity to share their thoughts. The films are very well attended by enthusiastic filmgoers as well as classes from various schools for educational purposes. The films show how people around the world live, as well as the different problems they face in their daily lives. The 14plus Generation section dives into the adult world from a teenager’s perspective. Films include drama, animation, documentaries, musicals and even shorts. I can highly recommend a set of thought-provoking DVDs for sale for repeated viewing.


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