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American Women's Club of Hamburg

The Dilemma (Dickste Freunde)

Starts January 27

Best friends tell each other everything. Or do they? Ronny (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Kevin James) have been best buddies since college and are now a team working together to make the first muscle car that roars like a Mustang V8 429 block engine while running on the Energizer Bunny. Ronny makes the pitch to the car manufacturer while Nick tackles the technical field. It's full throttle ahead until Ronny catches Nick's wife Geneva (Winona Ryder) playing away from home. Ronny struggles emotionally with his secret and asks his sister for advice which reveals another infidelity. He decides to confront Geneva who, in a deliciously devilish scene, plays dirty. Ronny's distraction makes his girlfriend Beth (Jennifer Connelly) think he has returned to gambling. She arranges an intervention where an unexpected guest causes the event to erupt into group therapy.

Not exactly that same old story since Director Ron Howard deftly uses a man's touch (and punch) to show what men want from each other. The result leads to some surprisingly darkly humorous situations that make this a chick flick for chaps.

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