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Starts February 3

The largest and the longest circular migration in the world happens in the Serengeti where two million animals, blue wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and buffalos, make their way from north to south and back again crossing the Mara river. This documentary is classically done following the beginning of the migration. It shows the active volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai which ejects carbonatite lava which creates a thick layer of ash, which covers the plains making them unsuitable for trees to set their roots into the ground.

This film dives into the beauty and mightiness of the predators who try their luck in catching their meal for the day. We see the speed of the cheetah, the lions working together and even the Nile crocodiles snapping at the legs of those who dare cross the river. When the migration cycle comes to an end so does the film.  His film has the appropriate Africa music and beautiful footage but is not a film like Mythos Amazones or Our Ocean where the photography, music, and stories go beyond the extraordinary.

Director: Reinhard Radke

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