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American Women's Club of Hamburg

I Shot My Love

Starts March 17

The mother of Israeli filmmaker Tomer Heymann states that ever since her son had a camera in his hand, he began to film everything in sight. That may be all right in your family, but what if you are looking for a new relationship? In I Shot My Love, we meet Heymann who has an obsessive need to document everything around him. His last film Paper Dolls, an award winning documentary on drag queens, brought him to Berlin.

During his visit he meets the love of his life, Andreas Merk, who, strangely enough, deals with Heymann’s eccentric use of the camera. One opening scene, which looks like a one-night stand, shows Tomer filming Andreas while they shower together. Andreas accepts this as though it happens all the time.  Perhaps that was the moment that Tomer fell in love with him? This documentary showed at the 2010 Berlinale. My interview with the protagonists is in the Currents special issue Berlinale 2010, page 12 and online under Films / Film Festivals 2010 / Berlinale – “Obsession with the Camera".

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