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Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son (Big Mama’s Haus – Die doppelte Portion)


Starts March 3

Martin Lawrence is back for round three as Big Momma, but this time he has company. Lawrence, who plays FBI Agent Malcolm Turner, goes undercover again as Big Momma to get the goods on some “bad guys” from Russia. Seriously, that is all they tell us. And never mind that there’s the mention of some dirty FBI agent working for the Russians, whom we never see.

This time, Agent Turner’s stepson Trent (Brandon T. Jackson) unintentionally gets involved after witnessing the murder of an FBI informant. Now, father and stepson (although the film never tells you that it’s his stepson) must hide out and solve whatever case this is together. The two hide out at an all-girl’s school as they try to solve the case; thus, out comes the fat suits and Agent Turner becomes Big Momma and Trent becomes Charmaine, Big Momma’s great niece.

The rest is a bunch of nonsense, predictable one-liners, and too many inside jokes for an international audience to really get it. The film is set in Atlanta, and if you are not familiar with the world of hip-hop you may miss a few beats. Also, if you don’t understand the “big momma” concept: that is a term used by some African-Americans  in the Southern part of the U.S. for someone like a grandmother or an older relative who always seems to take care of other people’s children.

Overall, I would say that the movie was stretched as much as Big Momma’s dress, but the music was good, if you like a funky, hip-hop beat. I would also say there is no fault to the actors; someone should have just taken time to deliver a decent script.

I give this movie 1 ½ stars and that is generous. My take away from this film is what my mama used to tell me: “if you can’t say something nice then say nothing at all.” So, for now regarding this film, I will simply keep silent.


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