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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Die Tigerentenbande

Starts March 10

by Amanda W.

Die Tigerentenbande is a cartoon film, based on the successful book and television series of the same name, by German artist and author Janosch. Hannes and Laika are the humans forming the tiger-duck gang together with a tiger-duck made of wood, two mice named Schischi and Tütü and a dog: Bergmann. The film starts with Hannes failing at mathematics with a not very nice teacher. As a reprimand, the whole class will be forced to take a test the following day. This fact distresses the bullies of the class, who coax Hannes to steal a hair from the beard of the terrible sheriff. He accepts the challenge and with help of his friends succeeds at reaching the desired hair. Luckily for the mouse, Hannes reconsiders and is brave enough not to do something bad in spite of the bullies.

I found this every educational. However the main problem for Hannes is that he is very insecure; the gang members solve this problem because they are really good friends. He also finds an Indian’s shadow – a character which will empower him against the bullies. At the same time he becomes very arrogant. Next, the sheriff plays a trick on the gang in order to steal the Tigerente; he finally succeeds. But will the Tigerente be returned to the owners? The film is very interesting in working with children’s anxieties and will be interesting to discuss with them. I found it a little bit long for small audiences, but also very much loved.

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