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Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 (Gregs Tagaebuch 2 Gibt's Probleme?)


Starts June 2

I am giving this "reality"  film (Timmy is referring to real actors, not animated) five stars because it was funny. The bigger brother was always bad to Greg. For example, he took Greg's diary with secret stuff in it, like how he wrote about a girl he liked, while Greg was sleeping. Then, Greg woke up and saw he was reading his diary and chased his big brother (who was holding the diary.) Greg saw himself in a mirror and realized that he was still in his underpants. That was funny. And, Greg has to run through a bunch of old people because they were spending the weekend with their Grandpa at his retirement home. I laughed. The film was about romance, happiness, sadness and relationships. And, it is funny. It is a good family film because there's something for everyone.

Laugh (or cry?!) along with your kids in this family feature film. More entertaining than the first one and follows the book, which is a great way to get your kids to read. I agree with Timmy, a very funny and entertaining  movie! 

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