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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Zookeeper (Der Zoowärter)


Starts July 7

Original language: English

the zookeeperFor some light-hearted family entertainment this summer, try Zookeeper, a Happy Madison production starring Kevin James as the kind-hearted Griffin Keyes, the zookeeper. Unsuccessful in pursuing girlfriend Stephanie (Leslie Bibb), Griffin immerses himself in his work at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo endearing himself to the bestial inmates who decide to help him master nature’s “laws of attraction.” Maybe the question to be answered is really “why is he at all attracted to Stephanie?” when gorgeous zoo veterinarian Kate (Rosario Dawson) is at hand. But old habits die hard as the mammals continue their confidence-building tips such as the territorial wolf’’s (Bas Rutten voice) “Don’t be stingy with the pee,” and “be mean to her then nice.” The monkey’s (Adam Sandler voice) advice, “throw some poop at her – throw the poop.” And a desperate Griffin swallows it all.  Lots of celebrity voices such including Cher, Sylvester Stallone, Nick Nolte, live animals seamlessly integrated with animation by Imageworks India and great pictures of the Boston cityscape add to the fun. 

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