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Männerherzen und die ganz, ganz große Liebe


Starts September 15

Original language: German

maenner herzenWritten and directed by Simon Verhoeven, Männerherzen und die ganz, ganz große Liebe, is a sequel to the popular 2009 movie, Männerherzen, and brings together the same actors, including Til Schweiger, Florian David Fitz, and Maxim Mehmet.

Life has moved on for the group of friends from Berlin. Jerome (Schweiger), music producer and womanizer, is having a mid-life crisis, so he heads to his parent's home in the country to find himself. Philip (Mehmet) has become the successful owner of two bio-cafés and the father of twins. Niklas (Fitz) is trying to reconnect with the only woman who ever made him happy, Maria (Inez Björg David), who has become the star of a soap opera. Bruce, the Schlagersänger, (Justus von Dohnányi) believes he has to reach out to a younger audience, so he's decided to change his image, getting ripped off by his record company in the process. Gunther (Christian Ulmen) has a girlfriend, Susanne (Nadja Uhl), but she wants to take their relationship a new level, and he's doubting his sexual capabilities. Roland (Wotan Wilke Möhring), Susanne's ex-husband, is in jail for trying to feed Gunther to the crocodiles, trying but not managing to get his temper under control.

The sometimes comic, sometimes tragic stories are very credible and the characters well played – all with a nice dose of humour and charm. A romantic comedy with a good ensemble cast. 

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