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The Three Musketeers


Starts September 1

Original language: English

the three musketeersIf you heard that yet another Three Musketeers has arrived at the cinema and thought there might be a new twist in the story, you were right. This is the first 3-D film for the Musketeers and it includes flying air balloon-sailing ships that make fighting scenes very exciting. Other then that, it is just the same old story. Of course we can’t blame the director, Paul W.S. Anderson, since this historical novel from Alexandre Dumas has been a hit since the day it was written in 1844.

Historically speaking, this film has been made into at least 20 films, seven animations, seven series, and seven sequels, not to mention the various theater productions and games out there. So it looks like “we are all for one and one for all” in the ever indulgencing moment of enjoying The Three Musketeers. For me the plot was too simple and any sight of real danger was quickly taken care of so there isn’t a chance for real suspense, but I enjoyed the scenery and wouldn’t mind a ride in this balloon-ship over the continent. The highlight of this film is that it was filmed here in Wurzburg, Germany; the costumes are fantastic and teenagers will love it. Milla Jovovich and Orlando Bloom make a great evil pair… And I can guess there will be a sequel to this one.  

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