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Johnny English Reborn


Starts October 6

Original language: English

johnny english rebornOliver Parker (St. Trinian's) directs Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, Johnny English) in a sequel to the 2003 spy comedy. Based on a story by William Davies (Johnny English), the screenplay was written by Hamish McColl (Mr. Bean's Holiday).

After eight years in a Tibetan monastery, and despite the mess he made in Mozambique on his last assignment, Johnny English is called back to London by MI7 to investigate intelligence of a plot to assassinate the Chinese Premier. Accompanied by green-horn, Agent Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya), English heads for Hong Kong to find ex-CIA agent Fisher (Richard Schiff), who reveals himself as part of Vortex, a group of three behind the assassination plot. Fisher and another Vortex member, Russian agent Karlenko (Mark Ivanir), are killed before they can give English the name of the third conspirator – all he learns is that the person is a mole within MI7. English's pursuit of the mole takes him back to London and then to Switzerland where high level talks are taking place between the Chinese Premier and the British Prime Minister, watched over by Pegasus (Gillian Anderson), head of MI7, who is targeted by the surviving Vortex member to become the unwitting assassin...

Rowan Atkinson's portrayal of Johnny English shifts seamlessly between bumbling klutz and lethal operative, between ridiculous clown and suave womanizer: despite countless misunderstandings and disasters, he finds success, love and redemption by the end of the movie – an entertaining caper that Atkinson fans will undoubtedly enjoy. 

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