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I Don’t Know How She Does it (Der Ganz Normale Wahnsinn – Working Mum)


Starts November 17

Original language: English

i dont know how she does itThis enjoyable comedy (based on Allison Pearson’s bestseller) takes a look at the trials and tribulations of working-mothers and holds up a mirror to unsympathetic workplaces, spouses and judgmental bystanders. Kate (Sarah Jessica Parker) - a Boston-based investment professional on a career path, is defending her position against a male contender (Seth Meyers) who has the luxury of not having also to multitask as a ‘mother-of-two’. Although her husband (Greg Kinnear) is supportive, organizing the household falls on her. Her job requires overtime and ad hoc business travel. Bringing up children has its daily surprises and is competitive too: ‘Momsters’, i.e., full-time mothers keeping count of the shortcomings of working mothers, are setting the bar high. This stretch seems to become impossible when Kate has to increase her travels to NYC. S.J. Parker inhibits the part of the always-apologetic juggling mother and capable professional convincingly, with perfect timing and charm.

Director: Douglas McGrath
Script: Aline Brosh McKenna
Based on a bestseller by Allison Pearson
With: Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan, Kelsey Grammer, Greg Kinnear, Seth Meyer

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