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Ronal, der Barbar (Ronal the Barbarian)


Starts December 22

Original language: Danish

ronal the barbarianInspired from a photograph from the American Heavy Metal band Manowar in the 1980s, this 3-D animation takes a flying leap into a new world of heavy metal imagery. The clothing still contains spikes, skulls and leather straps but that’s where it stops. The main character, Ronal the barbarian, lacks muscles and the typical, macho, body-build physic that the 1980’s version Conan the Barbarian had. But Ronal, who is confronted with a quest of saving his race for which he must complete some heroic deeds in order to succeed, is aided by two unlikely characters: one a young virgin warrior searching for her mate and the other a young songwriter in the midst of puberty.

This humorous film plays with masculine and feminine roles and confronts us with our own borders of modesty. It definitely takes risks like the Rocky Horror Picture Show did way back then and mostly likely will become a cult classic. Even though it is an animation film, I would take in to consideration that there are a lot of sexual innuendos and may not be appropriate for your child.

Directors: Philip Einstein Lipski, Thorbjorn Christoffersen, and Kresten Vestbjerg

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