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Perfect Sense


Starts December 8

Original language: English

perfect senseFilm Director David Mackenzie makes a daring attempt to portray the loss of senses during an apocalyptic epidemic which will end the world as we know it. The film shows a quick-pace Darwin effect as the characters lose one sense after another but somehow need to adapt to the new way of life before them. For the scientist Susan (Eva Green) and the restaurant chef Michael (Ewan McGregor), who have just met and want to get to know each other a little better, it means that, with these ever changing new circumstances, they need to be flexible.

The film tries to portray how life will be on a global level as well as on an individual level but often loses its strength since the enormity and complexity is far too much information to grasp. Even the relationship between Michael and Susan has difficulty being believable since it is truly difficult for us to visualize how the world would really change under these circumstances. I have to say, though, that my favorite scene was when the characters lost their sense of taste and begin feasting savagely on everything that might be edible like lipstick, clothes, plastic and raw meat. Then after this madness they are left with no sense of taste. It seems hard to imagine but life must go on. 

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