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Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol


Starts December 15

Original language: English

mission impossible - ghost protocolNothing seems more unofficial then the opening scene to Mission Impossible where uncover agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has to escape out of prison with a two-man team controlling all the prison systems from a van. This fast-paced secret agent thriller never stops pace even through random explosions, missing military arms material, and exotic places. The constant feature of Mission Impossible is that the cold war seems to be still going on and it is a race to save the world from evil.

The film has everything from special techno-gadgets where Hunt can climb the side of a building to a wild car race through the desert at high winds. It is a film which makes you feel like you just ran a marathon despite the fact that it is 133 minutes long. All the actors and actresses give their best and it is not hard to imagine why this film has made so much money.

Director: Brad Bird

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