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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Awards at Filmfest Hamburg 2012

Douglas Sirk Prize for Life’s Work to Kim Ki-duk, Korea. Festival film: Pieta

The Michel Award of Euro 5000 went to Bitte bleib by Lourens Blok, The Netherlands

Häagen Dazs Audience Prize of Euro 5000 to This Life by Anne-Grethe Bjarup Ris, Denmark

The International Art Cinema Award of Euro 5000 to Laurence Anyways by Xavier Dolan, Canada

Hamburg Film Critics Prize to Lore by Cate Shortland, Australia

The Foreign Press Award to God’s Neighbors by Meni Yaesh, Israel

Montblanc Screenplay Award of Euro 10,000 to Gnade written by Kim Fupz Aakeson, Germany/Norway.

TV producer Prize of Euro 30,000 to Mörderische Jagd, produced by Claudia Schröeder, Germany

NDR Best First film Prize of Euro 5000 to Germania by Maximiliano Schonfeld, Germany/Argentina

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