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What’s Your Number (Der perfekte Ex)


Starts March 29

Original language: English

whats your numberAlly Darling (Anna Faris) reads a magazine article that states that women who have been with more than 20 sexual partners have a 96 % chance of ending up alone. Ally has hit this un-magical number. To prevent ending up alone, Ally decides to revisit her ex-boyfriends. Ally hopes that one has changed for the better, and can turn out to be Mr. Right. Ally enlists the help of her womanizing neighbor, Colin (Chris Evans), to track down as many of her ex’s as she can. The movie follows Ally on her quest to find Mr. Right. But, could Ally’s Mr. Right be closer than she thinks?

Although there are some funny one-liners and scenes in the adaptation of Karen Bosnak’s book (20 Times a Lady), What’s Your Number is a predictable romantic comedy, which is best seen on video. I found that the role played by Faris was dull and somewhat uncomfortably annoying at times. If you are in the mood for a mindless and predictable comedy, this will be a good movie to rent. 

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